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Player: Portugal  viriol Subject: How do YOU play draughts?

2009-01-02 17:18:40
I have heard that the rules of draughts are different in different countries, which kindda shocked my view of the game. Moreover, I was told the version of the rules I used was not the one considered to be the Portuguese one. I\'ve always played the way my grandfather taught me, which he learned in the military (while staying in Moçambique, I believe): the pieces move forward in diagonals one square a time (two if capturing a piece within a one-square-forward reach) and the \"kings\" (we call them +/- \"ladies/queens\") move in any diagonal any number of squares and capture the same way, being it obligatory to capture whenever possible (except in chain captures). How do you play it?-
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1United  Smaug2009-01-03 10:00:58
Kings move one square forwards or backwards, still in diagonals, but only one square and they don\'t have to capture.-

2Europian  cc13741628192009-01-04 12:07:18
nice to know some things are still right, smaug-

3United  ChessOak2009-01-10 18:58:38
A summary of the rules for all variants of Draughts (Checkers) can be found here:

4Netherlands  Rene Teunissen2009-01-11 19:53:51
when I think of \"draughts\" I think of Guinness...sorry-

5Serbia  veljkoc2011-02-15 21:58:59
Hi, I like draughts! Very interesting game! Do you play any other abstract strategy games? I like Othello, Connect 6, Gomoku.. If you like more games, could see rules of new abstract strategy game \"Freedom\"; site:

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