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Player: Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR Subject: Need Help...

2009-01-30 15:17:47
Hi. I`ve payed 30$ for silver membership, but the number of my games is still restricted.. I`ve got 2mails in my inbox at mail and a male in this siteinbox.. What do I have to do now?-
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1Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR2009-01-30 15:20:06
10x, but i wanna be sure that i`ve to wait a day..-

2Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR2009-01-30 15:27:26
when I click to \"Invite all\" this appears - \"Premium membership requested\" ... Smth is wrong-

3Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR2009-01-30 15:29:43
Somebody from admins, help me.. Please write here the instructions i must do.-

4Greece  Ghosty Square2009-01-30 18:23:16
Try logging out and in again.-

5United  ChessOak2009-01-31 19:23:05
Often it may require that you delete the chesshere cookies from your web browser and log back in.-

6Australia  cc13669115662009-01-31 22:56:27
have you tried logging out and back in?-

7Canada  donven172009-02-01 03:15:13
well yeah i guess logging in and out is the right thing to do-

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