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Player: United  appleofthelord Subject: Knowing the rating hurts you!!!

2009-02-06 00:26:51
Ok im not sure about others but for people who are simliar to me, do you really want to see the rating??? Yeah your curious but if the rating is high you seem to be jumpy and cautious and you know that you are playing a difficult player. If the rating is low you are relaxed and just want to end the game so you can win already. Those both are dangerous to your rating because it DOES affect your playing. Can we have a option to hide the opponets rating or give us a range of what the raing is. Either way you can choose, like a preference for your own personal way of hiding or showing the opponets rating. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK-
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1ST  Experienced2009-02-06 01:27:18
I like this idea, because I dont freak out about rating but I definitely play more cautiously when someone is a higher rating. Like with WarrenW, I played my heart out and still got smacked -

2United  appleofthelord2009-02-06 01:44:36
thanks for the comment, means a lot-

3United  Soilderz_Heart2009-02-06 02:00:56
I like this idea for tournament play... it would be really nice if there are limits to get into a tournament, and then once you enter you can\'t see the players you are facing ratings. I think I would improve my play a lot-

4Canada  donven172009-02-06 02:04:46
yeah i really like this tournament idea, it would be really cool. but i must say when i see my opponents rating and its quite high i usually do play more cautiosly, especially in RTC games-

5United  appleofthelord2009-02-06 02:10:56
I\'m confused when you say limits because we already have limits that we can put in play. Tell me what you mean.-

6United  Soilderz_Heart2009-02-06 02:13:55
Oh, I meant that once you enter a tournament and are accepted with the rating boundary...afterwards you won\'t know the ratings of the players you are facing :]...I would like this if there is any possible way for this to be done.-

7United  appleofthelord2009-02-06 02:16:45
Yeah thats what I thought but didn\'t think of the tournment idea till you said it but good thinking.-

8Canada  donven172009-02-08 03:50:59
well yeah its a good idea, might wanna suggest it to admin -

9Canada  indent2009-02-08 07:09:06
I really like the idea of rating parameters in tournaments. Similar to the option of limiting your opponents rating when starting a public game.-

10Nigeria  guestfighter2009-02-08 08:31:19
So much suggestions and talk about site improvement and nobody talks about paying a token for services enjoyed. What an irony. Lol-

11France  Bozzoh2009-02-08 12:23:21
These kind of options could be only for the payers?-

12Canada  donven172009-02-08 16:02:27
yeah they could and im pretty sure they would be-

13United  blake786132009-02-08 16:16:48
I play better attacking games against higher rated players. When I play people who are rated close or below me I play not to lose, but against higher rated players I play to win.-

14South  Club Lover2009-02-09 05:56:16
How about the idea of reducing time limit of those that are very high in rating, or increasing it of those that are low when playing against each other?-

15United  Soilderz_Heart2009-02-09 15:22:54
So you\'re saying two different time limits in the same game... so lets say I am playing a low rated player, then their time limit would be more compared to mine? This is something to think about! I think both players will have to agree to the time limits before they start the game... I never thought about having two different time limits in the same chess game before...I like the thought -

16Europian  cc13741628192009-02-09 15:32:06
handicaps? ... i would have no objections as long as they weren\'t compulsory! ... hiding the ratings? ... no objection again, since i would just go to my opponent\'s member profile and find out for myself ... blake 78etc, it is definitely true your (one\'s) game can be affected by your feelings about an opponent\'s rating, form-

17United  appleofthelord2009-02-10 01:16:46
So bottom line this is a good idea-

18South  Club Lover2009-02-10 07:59:30
You got it Soilderz_Heart! Yeah! That\'s what I mean. I got this idea from a typical gambling chess game where a stronger player will have a lesser time limit. So, what if we can apply it here in Chesshere. Isn\'t that your rating will just have a little increase everytime you beat a lower rated player than you? I think it is. So to benefit the high-rated players playing against any low-rated ones, their time limit will be lesser but will have a much bigger increase in their rating than the usual increase in their rating evertime they beat low-rated players. What do you think? Tell me.....-

19United  Soilderz_Heart2009-02-11 16:04:28
If this could somehow be implemented in the system in the future I would love it I am completely happy the way chesshere is now and I have completely adored this site since I have started my current premium account...but, these ideas are unique and different-

20South  Club Lover2009-02-12 06:03:26
Hhmm! Just forget already about this suggestion since you are already contented. Me too, I later realized that I should not had given this beautiful suggestion. Maybe someday, I will make my own chess site to let it possibly compete with Chesshere and other chess sites and I may use my own creativity and originality so I decided to reserve this idea. It will make money for me. -

21Australia  cc13669115662009-02-12 09:08:32
lol this suggestion is a good one but was already in place in WCN ( who now is gone) the format was as follow a high rated or master would play opponent in 3/0 games but he master would only have 1.5 minutes to his/her clocks. we are considering this and more ( like predict a move) feature but right now we are concentrating on the CC side-

22Australia  cc13669115662009-02-12 09:09:38
chesshere is without a doubt the only chess site that keeps evolving for the benefit of its members-

23Nigeria  guestfighter2009-02-12 15:00:15
Hey gump,i noticed that u dropped rating?Checked and saw that u timed out so many games.I just wonder why.-

24Australia  cc13669115662009-02-12 15:42:11
been really busy, forgot about the games...-

25United  Soilderz_Heart2009-02-12 16:23:10 should keep to its roots and just be the site the creator intended it to be...I like that newer things come along once in awhile to benefit members(as Gumpteous mentions above), like myself. I would welcome new mentioned features to this site, but if you think about it this is the greatest chess site-

26Nigeria  guestfighter2009-02-12 17:34:00
@gump,i thought as much,but your opponents could have given you another chance based on personal recognisation,but i guess they were in a hurry to grab free rating points. @soildertz,i totally agree!Chesshere remains the best to me. Thats why i am stuck here.Lol-

27United  Charlemagne2009-02-15 04:24:31
I\'ve learned to just ignore ratings by and large - so many go up & down hundreds of points now it doesn\'t mean anything anymore - I just play the game.-

28Europian  cc13741628192009-02-17 01:16:26
i beat gump in an unrated one-minute blitz ... assuming it counts, that is ... he quit on his second move to answer the phone ... heh heh-

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