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Player: Philippines  Dontogan Subject: Why Are They Like Those?

2009-02-06 08:55:50
Any of you who can give any possible reason why people all around me are snabbing me everytime I look at them? They\'re such ,hhmm, hurting me!!-
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1Europian  roller2009-02-06 18:23:40
You seem to be very unhappy with the behaviour of the people surrounding you. This must be a real burden for you as it takes a lot to address to the whole world. However, we are in no position to offer you some help, as we don\'t know anything about your situation (your family, your religion,..) I only can advise you to look for someone to talk to about your problems. I hope that you may find some relieve.-

2Canada  donven172009-02-06 20:39:07
yeah thats unclear a little-

3United  cc13827419242009-02-07 06:30:30
I think he is serious.. Maybe Dontogan is being snabbed when looking at people around him/her because he/she look this way: , or always like this: , or worse is something like: which can scare people around. So Dontogan, make sure when looking at any person around you and won\'t be snabbed, you must : , or , but please not like this: without any reason to do because people will think you are CRAZY!! Did these make sense( )? I hope it did. Good luck buddy!!!-

4South  Club Lover2009-02-09 06:01:54
Or, you can look this way: to ladies.-

5South  Club Lover2009-02-10 09:12:37
Oh! This topic is kind a psychological.-

6United  cc13827419242009-02-11 04:17:54
Yeah! I think Dontogan is really having a psychological problem/s. Is it all about your self-esteem, or anything? Tell us and renowned psychologist angelfish will help you more aside from his advices() and mine(). Fine!!-

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