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Player: United  super knight Subject: Time-out issue

2006-05-21 23:45:13
I have encountered a player in a tournament. He is still active on the site, and he belongs to a team. However he does not continue to play the games in the tournament. Other people have committed his time-outs. But I hate to do so. I have sent him the time-out reminders twice. He just leaves the games timed out.

I have some difficulty to figure out the purpose that he is doing this. Why doesn't he play? Why doesn't he resign the games? Why did he join the tournament? Please help me!
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1Sweden  mattafort2006-05-22 05:18:27

Member since: 2006-03-10
Last activity: 41 days, 1 hours, 11 minutes ago

He joined lots of games/tournaments in March, played for about 20 days, and for some reason went away.

As he hasnt been active last 41 days,
there is no hope he will be back, play those 2 games.

Take your points and forget about 'players' like that.
This is what i should do.
I have other things to spend my time to worry about.


2United  super knight2006-05-22 13:40:52
I was not talking about Mike. I was referring mdulay. He is a strong player. And he might come back again some time later, playing some team games... I have seen another player did that way.
But I agree with you, mattofort. Don' worry too much.

3Lebanon  Yousuf2006-05-22 23:24:13
I feel it as sorrowful - strong player leaves , there is some unknown event or perhaps decision after 39 timeouts !

We hope just he is fine ! the games can be played & created at any time !




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