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Player: United  whtknight Subject: Timeout win

2006-05-24 22:39:46
Way to go SNEW on taking the win on a game that you were going to lose in 2-3 turns. I should have known I wouldn't find an understanding chess player in someone who has won 41% of their games via timeouts (20 out of 49 at the time of this posting). Hopefully I can draw solice from the fact you felt good about that win.
My apologies on timing out of our game, but occasionally it happens (only 3% of the time for me so far...I understand 3% is an astronomical number though).
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1Germany  generals0072006-05-24 23:40:09
i really don't care about this anymore. there is a lot of players who take all timeouts. i am one of them. and as you can see my timeout % is immense: i timed out on like 100 games at the same time. i dont think it's worth to get upset about him taking the game, after all it was just a game, right?-

2United  whtknight2006-05-24 23:45:27
if it hadn't involved a tournament game, and if my win was not assured in a couple more moves, i agree with you 007 (ha - i like the sound of that - it's like actually talking to 007). Then again, if you know you are going to lose in a couple of moves what type of ethical character do you possess when you claim a victory on a technicality? I know ethically I couldn't and wouldn't do it...then again that must be my morale fiber speaking.-

3Wales  Ddraig2006-05-25 00:52:42
You overstepped the time lmit, you only have yourself to blame. Ok so your opponent was not very ethical in playing on but with these guys I try even harder to beat them. It is within the rules so they can play on and have the right to. You just have to stay focussed. I lost on time because I missed the time limit by 1 minute. I actually pressed the move but it was too late. My fault and I paid the penalty but didn't moan about it.-

4United  cc12380179282006-05-25 00:59:07
Out of curiosity I looked at the game in question. You are right. You had mate in 2 - 3 moves. So, may I ask you a question ? Why did you timeout?-

5United  whtknight2006-05-25 01:32:41
Ddraig - you're correct, I do have myself to blame. My posting will hopefully help people think about ending timed out games. After all, this is CORRESPONDENCE chess!!! If I were down 1, 2 or 3 pieces and in a pretty hopeless situation ending a timed out game is different. Taking advantage and getting a win when you KNOW you don't deserve it is unethical. It's similar to a felon getting off punishment on a technicality. I can say is that I hope SNEW enjoys his win...the method he used to obtain it speaks volumes about the character he possesses.

George, to answer your question - currently my family is dealing with my wife's grand-mothers' last stage of emphazema. Usually through-out the week I can log on once a night to check my games out. Also, I can most of the time do so on the weekends too. This weekend was exceptionally busy due to family-related issues - so I missed it. I apologized to SNEW for timing out and pointed out the layout of the board - I guess he picked the unethical win rather than the graceful loss.

6Singapore  Branz2006-05-25 09:10:04
Well apparently I have some prob too. And timeout in many of my games. It happens...-

7Germany  generals0072006-05-25 13:45:45
well i thought maybe he just takes any game he sees timed out as a win without thinking too much about the situation but if you actually pointed it out to him it is not quite fair of him to take the game.-

8United  whtknight2006-05-25 14:54:15
So be it...I still think that most people are ethical and good sports, despite the actions of a few. I'll keep teaching my children to "do the right thing" always and hopefully others do the same.-

9United  penguin2006-05-26 21:44:36
If i was put in the same situation as SNEW, I would tend to cancel the game with no consequence to either player's rating if I was down. But if i was clearly winning I would force a win. I don't know if you can cancel a game in a tournament because it has never happened to me, but I definetely would not force a win if I was clearly lost because I wouldn't have deserved it. That's all i have to say on the issue.-

10Germany  generals0072006-05-26 23:21:50
you wouldn't have deserved a draw either, though, so this solution doesn't make sense. again, the only qualification is that your opponent timed out...-

11Portugal  Alpha9992006-05-27 00:09:02
Maibe this kind of issues wouldn't happen if the timeout was accionated by the sistem itself, like it happens in other sites. You timeout equal to infraction equal to loose the game. Then nobody coul talk about ethics in timeouts...because it wouldnt depend on players decision.-

12Canada  Moulton2006-05-27 03:02:04
My policy is, U SNOOZE U LOSE. Simple as that.-

13United  MJB2006-05-27 18:12:11
This is a simple matter of respect. Once you engage in a game you must see it through no matter how exciting or painful it mat become. Your opponet is investing their time and energy just as you are and so we all deserve the best game possible. A time out is just as offensive as walking away from the table. Show some respect and resign.-

14France  Stahp2006-05-27 19:20:27
For me, the rules in correspondence chess are the sum of the classical chess rules (the moves) and a new one (the time).
If I make a mistake in one of my moves (which sometimes happen, unfortunally), none of my opponents will give me another chance. That's why, if my opponent make a mistake with the timing rule... I don't give him another chance, even if he is close to the victory with the classical rules !


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