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Player: Italy  PawnPower Subject: 3 chesshere championship

2006-06-11 17:36:13
I have an important question:
in every group (4 players for each group) how many players take access to the following round???
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1Sweden  mattafort2006-06-11 18:59:34

Khaled: Championships 2005-09-20 11:25:19
happy to announce "Championships"

each championship consist of some rounds,
players will play in groups, group size 4 to 5 players,
each player will play two games against all other players in his group,
player with the highest points in his group will advance to the next round,
a round will be considered final when there is less than 12 players

1- If two player(or more) got the same number of points at the end of a round,
both(or all) will advance to the next round.
2- whatever the number of qualified players will be, groups will be divided like this:
(number_of_players/4) gives us how many groups we will have,
we fill each group with four players,
if we still have more players(at most 3) then we put every one in a randomly selected group,
still only one player[or more following our first rule] from those groups will advance.

read more in here:

Topic: Championships

/mattafort - The Great Champion of Sweden!


2Italy  PawnPower2006-06-12 16:55:57
Thank u mattafort!-

3Sweden  mattafort2006-06-13 14:56:56
no problem
good luck, PawnPower
if you join Championships


4Brazil  bmoser2006-06-27 14:10:59
I have another question about championships.
What if your rating changes to 'out-of-range' of the championship you have already started playing?

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