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Player: United dbr is online dbrChessHere Gold Member Subject: Marking a game as a favorite

2009-07-30 21:44:10
It\'s been a while since I\'ve marked a favorite game. I can\'t figure out how to do it with the new interface. Can anyone help? Thanks.-
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1Estonia  BFM2009-07-31 00:35:42
When you open one of your past finished games, right below there is window named \"Game instruments & preferences\". It has 3 menus, \"PGN\"; \"Preferences\" and \"Captured Pieces\". Select \"PGN\" and under the movelist and fen you will have 3 links: Print + Get PGN + Add to favorites. The last one is what you are looking for.-

2United  blake786132009-08-01 21:25:16
Or you can simply go back to the old interface, mark your game, and return to the new interface.-



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