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Player: East  joma Subject: Countries, Player & Premium Members

2009-08-20 06:18:54
Is there a statistic for how many player a country is and how many Paying Members each? Who pays most in this site? Who are the least?-
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2Netherlands  Yenman2009-08-20 08:46:23
Since I have nothing to do I have done the work for you. If you go to the player\'s list and go to the last page it will show you that at this moment there are 4196 accounts. However, I don\'t think this list is complete because it only shows the players who only plays at least 1 CC game. RTC\'ers who don\'t play CC aren\'t listed. 10 of them are mods, 1 IM, 143 Gold members and 46 Silver members-

3East  joma2009-08-20 09:10:29
Hi Yenman, thanks! What I am interested is the country that pay most and the country who prolifirate here but none of its citizen pay. For example, I see a lot of X country player but none of them is Gold or Silver. I see a lot of USA and many are Gold/Silver-

4Australia  yosefh2009-08-20 13:37:42
joma, why do you care about that? are you making a research or something?-

5East  joma2009-08-20 13:58:15
Plain Curiousity, yosefh. Nothing more.-

6Australia  yosefh2009-08-20 18:02:31
ok -

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