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Player: Bouvet  Harry Pillsbury Subject: Audit the Federal Reserve

2009-09-02 15:51:49
I\'m studying business at university and we I\'ve talked to a couple of students my senior who are finance majors. They were basically saying that the Fed, America\'s central bank, is a private corporation that owes no allegiance to the country, the people, or the government. I scheduled an appointment with my professor and asked him and he said \"the Fed is not part of the government.\" I\'m wondering what everyone else thinks because many actually believe the Fed is helping us recover from this financial crisis, but they\'re the ones responsible for it. It\'s kind of hard to believe that a bunch of rich, fat white men who sit in air conditioned rooms and serve the majority of the country. If the minority controls the volume of money in the economy, they control the entire country. It\'s not just America\'s central bank, it\'s every other bank in the world. The only countries in the world without a private central bank are North Korea, Afghanistan(Iraq now does after the U.S. instituted \"democracy\" by slaughtering women and kids) and Iran. Doesn\'t that sound familiar? All the countries Bush mentioned as part of the \"axis of evil\" don\'t have a private central bank. That\'s why we\'re invading Afghanistan next. What\'s really sick is Obama ran a campaign claiming to end the war in Iraq. WE\'RE STILL IN IRAQ AND NOW ARE IN THE PROCESS OF INVADING AFGHANISTAN!!! The point is a world government with a single currency that is worth less than the paper it\'s printed on.
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21Bouvet  Harry Pillsbury2009-09-03 19:44:55
I don\'t think it\'s a political topic because I\'m not lying, cheating and stealing from you guys. That\'s the politician\'s job. I\'m trying to find one person who can refute the fact that the world\'s central banks are controlled by a minority that sets the prices, interest rates and money supply of the whole world. Then they tax our income by 35%(think about it, if you work 12 months, 4 out of those months you work just to pay taxes) and call it democracy. The last time I checked, democracy means \"rule by the people.\" I don\'t even know if you guys understand the severity of it. Since its inception the Fed has not been audited once. Don\'t you wonder why not? An audit is a financial inspection by an unbiased third party of the profits of a firm. The reason the Fed cannot be audited is because it\'s private. The profits they make are astronomical because they charge interest on every dollar borrowed. We borrow money from a bank that\'s supposed to help us out. That\'s why America\'s debt level is above 10 trillion dollars right now. The point is not for us to repay them the loan but for them to make a system of inextinguishable debts whereby everyone becomes a slave of the system.