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Player: United  Nick-Syller Subject: Game help!

2009-10-09 15:54:21
Submit games that a wide range of players can enjoy and help to advance the skill on chesshere! just place the game and which color you are and people will leave comments about it! here is one of my games to start it off. I was black.
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1United  greygan2010-04-24 20:51:20
I posted this game earlier on a different forum. I was black this game. It was me (Greygan rating appx. 1384) vs. (Lineman98 rating appx. the same).

2United  RiverTam2010-04-25 03:38:58
Regarding Nick-Syller game: if white plays 13 Bxa6+ followed by 14 Bxb7, black is nearly busted. Black has to castle or protect his king before he moves his bishop to g4.-

3United  RiverTam2010-04-25 03:44:12
Regarding greygan game: nice open board discovered mate. I have no idea what white was doing in the opening.-

4United  RiverTam2010-04-25 04:33:10
Here is one of my games. I am white playing molehill 61. We both end up with two bishops and most of our pawns. I really enjoyed this game.

5Argentina  thestone2010-04-25 15:49:39
Rivertam game: Thats a strange way to start a game, c4 c5. I should try it some time -

6Argentina  thestone2010-04-25 15:57:30
Greygan game: Good use of knights! -

7Argentina  thestone2010-04-25 16:03:33
I\'ve kind of been on a losing streak lately. Here is one of the games I thought I could win. I you notice the queen and the knight then you know what I mean. But he used his knights well....... It was me against mhalilim. I was black this game.

8United  cc13827419242010-04-26 04:20:00
haha! nice game!.maybe next time, you should not bring out your Queen early in the game if your opponent\'s pair knights are already deployed. You should had instead brought out your king\'s bishop first.-

9United  Anashya2010-04-26 15:35:45
Is this a good response to the kings gambit? I\'m playing as black and went on to lose, although that may be due to an error of mine on move 18 rather than poor opening play.-

10United  Anashya2010-04-26 15:36:50
This should be the PGN, if not then never mind.

11United  greygan2010-04-26 22:34:59
I just had to show you guys this! I got so lucky on move 13!!. My opponenet just ended up timeing out anyway. I was a beginner when I started this!

12United  greygan2010-04-26 22:35:58
It was against Marijo Franklin rating 1389.-

13United  RiverTam2010-04-26 23:28:46
greygan - you got even luckier on move 7. Bxf7 is mate. But a little luck never hurts, right?-

14United  greygan2010-04-27 22:35:58
Yeah! hahahaha! Begginers luck in my case! -

15United  cc13827419242010-04-28 03:45:08
This is my 3-minute game against maxangst who had a 1716 rating. I was playing the black pieces when I accidentally unfairly traded my rook to his minor piece but luckily he/she ran out of time. And by the way, my queen was invisible during this game. Why is that?

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