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Player: United  Ray Duque 3 Subject: LET\'S CELEBRATE

2009-10-15 20:57:10
Tomorrow October 16, let\'s celebrate. You eat your favorite and delicious food, drink your favorite soda and drinks while you are dancing and celebrating, think that it is my BIRTHDAY. Cheers to all of you. Ray Ray Duque, III (GMBD), New York City-
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4Canada  snowowl2009-11-04 07:53:53
oh shoot i also am late, happy birthday ray , and many more years of fun ballroom dancing to you....-

5Canada  dsuttles2017-10-16 23:19:50
Happy birthday Ray!!-

6United  neverherebeforeChessHere Gold Member2017-10-17 17:45:33
I second that emotion -