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Player: Canada  forzafan1 Subject: Specific games posting

2009-11-29 20:30:18
I think I got a cool idea which can be useful to peoples who wants to learn in chess; How about to create a Database with specific types of games? In other words, we can create for example a database which contains gambit games, then another one with instructive end-games, etc., which we can add games by voting for example the best ten of a group of twenty, at every two weeks? Just a thought...-
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1England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2009-11-29 22:35:48
yes, I hardly ever get offered a gambit and havent used one myself. Getting to be more familiar with them with a few clicks of the mouse would be a nice feature. The one time I was offered the kings gambit I accepted and Queened the pawn that I used!-

2United  elk124292009-11-30 03:49:13
I play a few odd gambits - only the ones I know well (primarily the Urusov and the Evans) - if anyone wants to learn them, I\'ve probably played a few games with them on here, but I play them OTB more often.-



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