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Player: United  cc1422628580ChessHere Moderator Subject: Team Updates

2010-01-21 21:44:10
Attention All Team Captains! There is a simple easy way to get your team updated to todays\' date. There are 7 or 8 teams that haven\'t been updated. When you update your team it will be easier for other team captains to find your team. Go to and you will find a column that says last activity. Go to the last page and there will be teams that will say 000-00-0000 or something like that. Once you update your team it will be on the first page.-
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1United  cc1422628580ChessHere Moderator2010-01-21 21:45:07
For example, my team was last updated on 01-20-2010, when I edited/updated my team, it was update to today\'s date, [01-21-2010]-

2United  cc1422628580ChessHere Moderator2010-01-22 19:38:14
You just need to go to your team edit page, then click on the button on the bottom which says save changes and then your team will be on the first page of teams!-