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Player: Philippines  benjz Subject: Chess Tricks or Magic

2010-02-13 19:43:55
Hi to All ! I had a problem involving chess tricks or cheats happen this feb. 13, 2010. It happens when my player disconnect and then connected and i prompt to refresh and suddenly my queen was taken.I would like to know if there\'s anyway a player can manipulate this game site or having cheating? bec. I heard in 1 on the member here that it happens twice that way. How come like that? Please I need advice. thanks-
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1United  cc1422628580ChessHere Moderator2010-02-13 20:19:34
Could you tell us the game ID?-

2Philippines  benjz2010-02-14 10:38:53
Sorry I save only print screen but i didnt catch the game id between our yesterday game with fight club. If you want i can send the print screen to your email.EPPRJT8-

3Philippines  benjz2010-02-14 10:40:40
or you can check my previous games finished since you are premium member because me i cannot open my previous games. pls i just want anybody happen this to them.thanks-

4Philippines  benjz2010-02-14 10:44:13
Also ask Zypos. He know what happen and he said it happens to him twice already.-

5England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2010-02-14 12:01:42
I`ve looked at a couple of these games, they stop at what must be the disconnection. In yor game you still have yor queen, and you move last, so should win.-

6England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2010-02-14 12:09:47
You did win.-

7Philippines  benjz2010-02-14 15:05:45
Yes I did win by because my rating got increase but the actual game my queen was taken and i lost my time reaching zero because of chatting to fightclub asking to him what happen. Suddenly when it ends up i won. Extopian, I was amazed how the game was manipulated because I expected I lost by that game.. My question is it possible someone can manipute the what happen to me.-

8Philippines  benjz2010-02-14 15:12:44
But how about if i will be lost by that Extopian. This would result to a problem with this chess site that it why i try to address to the admin.-

9England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2010-02-14 16:06:28
Yes benjz, I agree, there are manipulators of the system, there are too many instances for there not to be.-

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