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Player: ST  Experienced Subject: Annotate?

2010-03-02 03:04:43
Can anyone tell me my faltered move? I think it was 32. Qe2 because that lost all my pieces, yet I am sure it is not the only one
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1United  ChessOak2010-03-02 18:45:08
Yes, I think move 32 was just the culmination of a long decline. In that you exchanged all your major pieces off, leaving you with a deficit of a bishop and a two pawns. If you have a material deficit, you should not exchange (IMHO) unless there is a great tactical advantage. If you have 18 points on the board vs opponents 23, the difference is less (percentage-wise) than if you have 2 points and the opponent has 7. I\'ll look into the initial part of the game, this is just an overall opinion of what I saw at move 32 and further.-

2United  ChessOak2010-03-02 19:00:14
Your opponent made several strange moves. For instance, 4. Bd3 seems weak and restrictive. I would have done something else. And again 10. Nbd2 blocks the black bishop. And 17. Qe1 I would have moved Nf3 to open up the bishop. For you, 20. ... Bh2+ is wasted, you get nothing from it and eventually lose the bishop. After that White simply exchanged and eventually you blundered the pawn exchange as well.-

3England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2010-03-02 20:03:26
Yes 4.Bd3 deserves to be punished,how, isn`t clear to me, but 19...Bxd5? why not take the rook?-

4ST  Experienced2010-03-02 21:54:36
on 19 Bxd5 I think I had a trap set for him and my mind insisted on that. By caputuring his bishop I wanted him to take my white square bishop so I could play 20. Bh2+ and steal his rook. I was not thinking. And this game was RTC 30 minutes.-

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