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Player: Canada  snowowl Subject: so when you where a teenager, what did you do to generate extra cash?

2010-03-03 04:33:01
for me it was newspaper delivery, also mowed lawns, (to sweaty), and worked retail, said i was sixteen, what was your experience.-
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1India  rewsident2010-03-03 16:32:41
Thru trivia quizzes and contests. Parents never allowed to work.-

2England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2010-03-03 16:55:41
Dad took me down to the milk depot early one morning and I got a job helping on a round weekends and bank holidays.Great money for a 13yr old and being extra-polite = tips. Plus that amazing pint of orange juice on the ride back to the depot. -

3Europian  cc13741628192010-03-05 11:04:09
i knew a lady who collected real cats and ornamental frogs ... she paid me to dust the frogs ... there were thousands of them ... one day i asked her what would happen if i broke one ... she said it would be ok but showed me her favourite and said to be careful with it ... the same day i was dusting it and went butterfingery and ker-pish!!! ... no more favourite frog ... i lost interest shortly after that-

4Canada  FrippezMonTchu2010-03-05 23:29:36
I am from a bygone era. I was picking blueberries and selling them. The best I was ever paid was 18 cents a pint. Then at the age of 16, I worked in the woods with an axe and a bow saw (bucksaw) in the heat and with the flies. The next summer, I worked with a chain saw. Hard but healthy work in the fresh air, no pollution -

5ST  Experienced2010-03-07 00:17:48
I picked blueberries and sold them for $3 a bag. Also I mowed yards over the summer for $10 a pop. I would usually make $60-$70 a weekend -

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