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Player: Japan  Tarvaa Subject: lucky escape

2010-03-03 18:30:17
Hi, I just played this game. I am rated 1500 or so and my opponent was around 1350. I am playing black. 34. ...Rd1+ was an error. Instead, ...Rd2 is a more solid move. Possible continuations I came up with were: 34. ...Rd2 35. Ke1 Qg3+ 36. Kf1 Rxe2 37. Kxe2 Qf2+ and white\'s looking in deep trouble. 34. ...Rd2 35. Rxd2 exd2 36.Qe2 Qxc3 and with the threat of promotion looming, white will lose a piece at least. My analysis is pretty weak, and to be honest I haven\'t looked at all the moves. But I figured this was a key mistake (my opponent had 3 passed pawns to worry about too!). i was lucky to get away a win in the end. Can anyone give me advice concerning my 34th move, and any other glaring blunders or misses i have not yet seen. cheers
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