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Player: ST  Experienced Subject: I thought I had this one

2010-03-10 01:25:33
I played a player with a 1600+ rating and was sure I would win! However 32. Qf6 lost me the game after I thought that was a sensual move. What could I have done?
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1Europian  cc13741628192010-03-10 16:20:35
20 f3 , 21 Bh3 maybe?-

2United  David GardnerChessHere Gold Member2010-03-11 01:25:20
16. Ng4 looks a little suspect. Maybe 16. gxh3 would work better. Continuing 16...Qh4 17. Kg2...-

3ST  Experienced2010-03-11 22:35:50
Yeah I noticed 16 gxh3 after I made my move. I was careless in this game-

4Europian  cc13741628192010-03-16 16:12:39
what opening is black playing??-

5United  plaidandpunk2010-03-16 18:32:28
The Crab i think, ive always wondered why you would respond to e4 with a5-

6United  plaidandpunk2010-03-16 18:34:38
Or the corn stalk defence.... ive heard it been calleed that too-

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