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Player: ST  Experienced Subject: Experienced vs Warren W (Round Three)

2010-03-11 23:59:21
I play white and just like the player he is, he wins. But Does anyone have any advice on my opening? Seemingly I was told by a good friend (Angel) that this is a bad opening.
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1England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2010-03-12 00:22:43
Thats the second game where you have played 2.c4 when you could have played d4 and got the first grip on the centre and opened a path for both of your bishops I suppose their is a name for this opening, but it seems gap between e4d6 etc.-

2ST  Experienced2010-03-12 01:32:29
Here is the game to look at, sorry forgot the spaces. And I have learned that playing the pirc defense is what I am trying to do :)



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