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Player: United  Born_Tactician Subject: RTC Premiums Qualifying tournament 2010, Type:Knockout, Time control: 5 min heat #7

2010-03-16 20:11:02
It was heat #7 today in the Tournament RTC Premiums Qualifying tournament 2010 and I suffered a heart breaking defeat to become the runner up in the final round. I was winning and I believe I would\'ve had it if I would\'ve held off on my 36th move. Instead of f6?? Qxe2 looks like it would\'ve been a safer/better move to seal the deal. My opponent was gmmjrf rated 1845. I was rated 1963. Neither player played perfectly which is nearly impossible in these time controls, but analyze the game as best you can and feel free to post your comments!
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1United  ChessOak2010-03-16 22:43:19
It is my sincere wish that players would state upfront what color they play so I do not have to go to the end to see whether they were white or black. That way I can look from the beginning with a view to their position.-

2United  ChessOak2010-03-16 22:54:17
If you were playing white, then 36. Qg6+ ... 37. Qxe2 ... but then perhaps he may have responded on 36 with ... Rg7 and 37. ... Rxg3+ That bears some analysis, but I fear it might not be enough. Also interesting would be 36. Kg2 to clear the rook moving to the h file? It was a viciously interesting game, though.-

3United  plaidandpunk2010-03-17 00:27:00
6.Nxe5 maybe? If he does 6. ... dxe5 it doubles his e7 pawn giving him a weak center. And if he 6. ...Bxe5 respond with 7.f4 I suppose. It gets you the power of the center with all those pawns. And maybe moving your kingside pawns (starting the 13th move) wasnt such a great idea considering that your bishops didnt have much pressure on blacks king. Even though there early moves they might\'ve effected the game alot.-

4Europian  cc13741628192010-03-17 04:55:13
36 Rb1 wrests control of the open file and may combine well with Qg5+ etc later, or with Qb3 menacing both the black king and (for the exchange) queen ... or with 37 Qxe2 with the double threat Qxg4+ and Qxa6 (then Qxd6) ... in any case, Rb1 frees the queen by pre-empting black\'s Qb6+, and f5 is safe where it is and strong as an advanced passed pawn adding to pressure on the black king, whereas f6 is speculative ... all said with the luxury of added time!-

5United  Born_Tactician2010-03-22 05:05:25
Yeah, Rb1, Bb3 or Qxe2 are all better moves. I like Qxe2 on move 36 because it stops the passed pawn, forks 2 pawns and protects my pawn with a fork threat on Black\'s rook if I wanted to move my bishop.-

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