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Player: ST  Experienced Subject: Me vs Bro Round One

2010-04-10 01:34:52
This is a game I played my brother in earlier this night and I play black. Let me know what you think!
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1India  redblack972010-04-10 06:51:51
Both of you made blunders. But you know what your bro\'s opening was very good. I thought he will win when I saw his opening but he made few bad mistakes through which you got advantage. Your bro can be a great player is he practices a lot.-

2ST  Experienced2010-04-10 13:11:25
Hmmm I agree, I always told him that with practice he can get better and he has a general knowledge for the game. Too bad you cant use two accounts on the same computer-

3Canada  happyjack2010-04-10 15:36:09
The opening is not very good at all because 6.Nb5 loses to Qa5+!!!-

4India  redblack972010-04-11 03:37:28
@Experienced oh yeah, you are right. @Happyjack 6.Nb6 was fine, Even I too attack in same way as he did. His mistake was that he took his knight to d6. I don\'t know why did he do that.-

5Canada  happyjack2010-04-11 12:19:25
@redblack.I repeat 6.Nb5 loses to Qa5+!!!-

6India  redblack972010-04-11 13:54:22
Oh am sorry. I didn\'t understand the the meaning carefully. I was liberal. Yes white loses a knight which results in -2(after white takes the pawn at d4) + more open spaces for white to attack.-

7ST  Experienced2010-04-11 14:21:34
It was just a saturday night game -

8Canada  happyjack2010-04-11 14:28:03
Saturday night!Of course,I should have known.How else could you explain missing Qa5+!-

9England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2010-04-11 14:38:50
Or the rook sacrifice -

10ST  Experienced2010-04-11 16:59:36
So hurtful we all make mistakes and thats part of learning the game. I told him of redblack\'s comment of a great opening and he is going to try and work with it. Round two coming shortly -

11Canada  happyjack2010-04-11 18:45:55
Not hurtful at all,more like constructive criticism!You seem to be blaming your brother for making a mistake.Sure 6.Nb5 was a mistake but you made a bigger mistake by not playing 6.....Qa5+!Tell your brother to play 3.c4 instead of 3.Nc3.He will be much better off.-

12India  redblack972010-04-11 18:50:06
hmm but just say him one more thing, He should be careful while opening, as we saw he was losing a knight in the beginning. Its an example. Anyways it was a pleasure giving comments about your game. I haven\'t said anything about you. You were normal. But congracts for the win though. Good luck!-

13Europian  cc13741628192010-04-11 19:16:28
5..d4 wasn\'t bad for a ssturday night game ... why don\'t you get a paper round and buy bruv a membership? ... he\'s come a long way since you murdered him on youtube-

14ST  Experienced2010-04-12 13:12:30
Guys I did make a mistake, it was 26.Bxh2. I shouldnt have moved my rook there. There see we all make mistakes. For redblack: I will let him know :) and for angel: I really wish I could get us both on here. I cant get a job with the economy down but Im trying.-

15England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2010-04-12 22:00:47
When I play my sister I cant stop myself telling her `No, dont move there, it`s a bad move.` She tells me I shouldn`t give her tips. You can make sacrifices and let them off blunders to make the game last longer when you know you are going to win. They try to win and you can play loosely. After the game you tell them ` You`re getting better.` and hope they do so that you can have a more interesting game next time. lol maybe I`ll get her on here, as there is no better way to improve than to play lots of games.-

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