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Player: International  Ophiuchus Subject: Insanity or Genius Part One

2010-04-11 12:06:14
\"Insanity or Genius\" features the games where I am not quite sure how to evaluate the plan I carried out in a certain position. Part One features a game where I got (with some luck) a very comfortable position with black out of an offbeat Pelikan. More Space, better Bishop, posession of open file, protected passed pawn on the third rank... surely it must be won either way. However, I was hell-bent on finding a forced line and I went for a piece sacrifice that could very well have gone wrong. I\'d like to get your evaluation for the position after white\'s 27th move: - How should black proceed? What alternatives are there to the sacrifice? - How should white defend after the forced line? Is there a way to draw - or even win - the position? - Is there a way for black to improve play after the sacrifice and minimize counterplay?
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1United  jakeblues2010-04-13 02:15:09
i say you let the queen take g2 and complete the exchange and white has a chance if black does not take b2 then white goes for queen to a5..-

2United  RiverTam2010-04-13 03:27:08
What does white do if black plays 27 ... Qh5 threatening Rxg2. The queen cannot defend g2, and if 28 Rc1 Rxg2 29 Rxg2 Qxh3+ with mate to follow. I think black has an unstoppable attack.-



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