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Player: Argentina  ollerwe Subject: Draw

2010-04-26 06:44:37
Hello, I have several times offered a draw but my offers never have been accepted. It has been resonable offers, at a game last stage, and in positions I have even ended winning after the draw was rejected. Sometimes I have even been able to check \"Claim draw\" but I preferred to offer a draw to test how it works. Since I myself never been asked for a draw I wonder: Is there any chance my opponents have missed my offer? Where does the draw request show? Shouldn\'t I get a message like \"Your draw offer has been rejected\" or something like that? Best regards-
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1Europian  cc13741628192010-04-26 06:57:38
always send a pm to be sure your opponent knows you are offering ... (don\'t forget, your opponent could be using either beta or old version)-

2Argentina  ollerwe2010-04-26 09:35:37
Thank you for the advise, Angelsfich. I wasn\'t aware of that. Now on I will send a pm.-

3United  cc1422628580ChessHere Moderator2010-04-28 21:29:58
The draw request is located at the top of your opponents page for one move. If he/she does not accept the draw on the one move, the draw notice goes away until you send it again. If you happen to see the check box \"Claim a draw\", clicking that will make it a draw.-

4Argentina  thestone2010-04-28 23:15:59
Sadly to say, most people do not accept draw offers. I don\'t know why. If the situation is right, they should. I think they are probably worried that their rating will fall.-

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