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Player: Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR Subject: Mission impossible

2010-04-29 06:25:58
It`s impossible to prevent losing after 30.Qb1 .Thats my opinion, if u`ve any idea post it I`m Black, 30/5 TC.. Opponent is bumser (1563)
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1Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR2010-04-29 06:32:10
Even maybe its impossible to win for white after Qb2, but i`m not sure, need to be analized deeply.. What do u think of it?-

2Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR2010-04-29 06:32:51
* after 29.Qb2-

3United  Anashya2010-04-29 12:35:29
35. Rf1 prevents mate within 3 moves but the endgame advantage is completely with black. As far as I can see Black would have to spoon feed the game to white in order to lose. Whilst 29. Qb2 is passive, after 30. Bh3 extracting the king (31. Kf2) can lead to possible victory for white, or at least a far closer endgame. Might have missed a sacrifice, but I think 31. Kf2 allows white to play on, although very precisely.-

4United  RiverTam2010-04-29 16:38:39
Anashya - you mean 29. Kf2, right? 31. Kf2 the king is still in check. What about grabbing the pawn on 29. Qxd5? After that c4 and e4 become good posts for the white queen. It is tricky, but if white can hold off the initial attack he can have an attack of his own.-

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