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Player: Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR Subject: Lucky opponenT

2010-04-29 08:55:35
I`m white, 15RTC.. He is hamid29(1603).. 28.Rd1 ...any move (except ...Re8) 29.Qe7# (if 28...Re8 then 29.Qg8#) Only 2 moves remained and i was timeouted.. That was a GooD_LucK
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1Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR2010-04-29 09:02:28
But here`s a variant that endures blacks life till 36th move..check What that is.. And check if there`s a variant that last longer than 36th move..-

2United  RiverTam2010-04-29 16:51:58
Yes, after 28. Rd1 white will win, but Nd2 extends the game to move 31 at least. That is the thing about quick chess: if you only have seconds to finish a winnning position an opponent can sometimes throw pieces at you with ridiculous moves and win. BUT, if you are AVERAGING more than 30 seconds per move in quick chess, you only have yourself to blame.-



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