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Player: Bulgaria  ody Subject: A day which will live in infamy....

2010-05-13 23:48:31
I am a mediocre player at best. But even i can impress the audience with games featuring dazzling sacrificial attacks, brilliant, calculated combinations and sound positional understanding. Instead, the first game I\'m to ever publish here is my most humiliating defeat featuring the first and only time i\'ve ever been checkmated in my brief but intense chess career. Watch and learn how NOT to play a completely winning position (provided you\'d ever be dumb enough to play like that anyway). I\'m playing white and my \"omg-you-gotta-be-kiddin-me\" moves start at move 22.
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2Bulgaria  ody2010-05-13 23:49:35
Oh, by the way. My opponent is my own father which made that defeat all the more exciting! I realize the game doesn\'t hold much value so i hope you are not bothered by that :)

3Bulgaria  ody2010-05-14 15:18:56
One of the many things that cost me the game but yeah it played a pivotal role :) I think i will likely forget passing those congrats to him though.

4Bulgaria  ody2010-05-14 15:22:02
Figure it\'s a good lesson about what complacency could do to a player.