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Player: Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR Subject: Is there Any other ERROR

2010-05-14 10:45:42
Hi. I`m white, 30/5 T.C. game. My position was great at the move 67 , BUT I made an ERROR at 68th move (Rf6) that caused the draw.. Is there any other ERRORs by me except 68th move
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1Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR2010-05-14 11:01:25
I`ve found 1, 62.Kc2?? wasn`t the best move , instead I should do 62.Rc6!! The 69.* is a hard 2 think move, but not the best move by me, leave here ur opinions and analizes pls.-

2Bulgaria  ody2010-05-14 12:20:25
62.Rc6 sure looks promising as it forces the black king to move away from the protection of the g6 pawn. But i think your greatest and losing mistake is that you activated your king too late and trying to play with a rook only. I think you should have tried to centralize your king as soon as move 41.-

3United  RiverTam2010-05-14 18:32:57
Mr_Error: You are right that 62. Rc6 just wins since it either forces Black\'s rook back one rank or captures the g-pawn for nothing. You are also right to rethink move 69. If you played Ka6 on either move 68 or 69 you should get a winning advantage.-

4United  RiverTam2010-05-14 18:40:06
A couple of other points. I think 42. Rb6 wins the pawn more quickly and on a better square AND may get your king into the game more quickly. Later on, 49. h4 locks his king out of the game as long as you control the 7th rank. You can advance your b-pawn and threaten to advance your e-pawn as well.-

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