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Player: Japan  Tarvaa Subject: Favourite Chess Games (chess history?)

2010-05-17 05:12:17
Hi, I have recently started an epic quest to read Kasparov\'s \"My Great Predecessors\". I have not read past the first chapter of the first book, but in the few games I have looked at I have found some really interesting games. So I started wondering about what might be my fellow players\' favourite games. There are lots to choose from, so what are your favourites? I will start with Anderssen against Dufresne in 1852. \"An evergreen in laurel\".
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1Bulgaria  ody2010-05-17 15:49:33
That must be the most amazing game i\'ve ever seen -

2Japan  Tarvaa2010-05-18 16:15:08
the 17th move for white is incredible. particularly when considering that in the 1850s the idea of the combination was only in its infancy-

3United  Bowska2010-05-18 16:24:07
yeah superb game, you might have picked the best there, two other games that come to mind are D.Byrne vs Fischer 1953 (amazingly fischer was only 13) and Morphy vs Duke Karl/Count Isouard, anybody know any others that we can checkout. sorry don\'t know how to submit the games like above,maybe someone could do it-

4United  cc1422628580ChessHere Moderator2010-05-18 19:39:04
To submit a game, go to the PGN files located next to your posting box. Then enter in the notation, and the game will show exactly like the notation.-

5United  Bowska2010-05-18 21:59:36
ok thanks, this is Donald Byrne vs Fischer 1953 game(fischer black pieces) they call it the Game of the Century,

6United  Bowska2010-05-18 22:26:44
and this is the famous Night at the Opera game.Morphy in his usual deadly mood.enjoy.

7Japan  Tarvaa2010-05-19 00:04:46
The night at the opera game is a very good example of Morphy showing how important it is to develop all your pieces. Black\'s position by move 12 is horrendous. What can you say about Fischer. Awesome sacraficial play-

8United  Bowska2010-05-19 19:16:02
ok something a bit different here Tony Miles beating Karpov in 1980 with the St George defence. (Miles with the black pieces)

9Europian  cc13741628192010-05-20 11:47:06
favourite games? ... difficult question, tarvaa, but since you allow us more than one, i have no hesitation in posting this beaut ... execution by strangulation using a silk thread ... Sämisch - Nimzowitsch, Copenhagen 1923 ... notes by Nimzowitsch <5...Be7 Queen\'s Indian Defense, E17; 8...c6 Safeguards the position; 10. ...a6 Protects the outpost station c4, i.e., by ...a6 and ...b5; 12... Nc6 The ghost! With noiseless steps he presses on towards c4; 13. Nxc6 Samisch sacrifices two tempi (exchange of the tempo-eating Knight on e5 for the Knight which is almost undeveloped) merely to be rid of the ghost; 15...Nh5 I could have supplied him with as yet a second ghost by ...Qe7 and ...Knight-d7-b6-c4, but I wished to turn my attention to the King\'s side; 20... fxe4! This sacrifice, which has a quite surprising effect, is based upon the following sober calculation: two Pawns and the seventh rank and an enemy Queen\'s wing which cannot be disentangled - all this for only one piece! 25...h6!! A brilliant move which announces the Zugzwang. White has not a move left. If, e.g., Kh2 or g4, then R5f3. Black can now make waiting moves with his King, and White must, willy-nilly, eventually throw himself upon the sword.> ... it\'s known as the immortal zugzwang game ... some say it\'s not true zugzwang (because white\'s obligation to move doesn\'t finish him off) ... nimzo\'s biographer raymond keene said \'I prefer to see it as an example of total paralysis of the opposition; the ultimate express of prophylaxis, where the opponent\'s possibilities are reduced to that degree above zero required to avoid stalemate\' ... good enough for me

10Japan  Tarvaa2010-05-25 14:12:31
yeah, i love the immortal zugzwang game. I think Mr Samisch could get his queen out, with 26. Ref1. or am i missing something glaringly obvious?-

11England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2010-05-25 15:32:01
26...Re2.wins the queen. 25.Pg4?-

12England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2010-05-25 15:33:08
26. Pg4?-

13England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2010-05-25 16:15:48

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