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Player: Japan  Tarvaa Subject: Favourite Chess Games (chess history?)

2010-05-17 05:12:17
Hi, I have recently started an epic quest to read Kasparov\'s \"My Great Predecessors\". I have not read past the first chapter of the first book, but in the few games I have looked at I have found some really interesting games. So I started wondering about what might be my fellow players\' favourite games. There are lots to choose from, so what are your favourites? I will start with Anderssen against Dufresne in 1852. \"An evergreen in laurel\".
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10Bulgaria  ody2010-05-17 15:49:33
That must be the most amazing game i\'ve ever seen

11Japan  Tarvaa2010-05-18 16:15:08
the 17th move for white is incredible. particularly when considering that in the 1850s the idea of the combination was only in its infancy

12Japan  Tarvaa2010-05-19 00:04:46
The night at the opera game is a very good example of Morphy showing how important it is to develop all your pieces. Black\'s position by move 12 is horrendous. What can you say about Fischer. Awesome sacraficial play

13Japan  Tarvaa2010-05-25 14:12:31
yeah, i love the immortal zugzwang game. I think Mr Samisch could get his queen out, with 26. Ref1. or am i missing something glaringly obvious?

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