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Player: Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR Subject: Software OR Not ??

2010-06-22 17:30:55
This man usually play with 1400 rating players and lose at least half of them.. Here`s Shown one of his typical games with Gorin Anton (1428). But at our last tournament he won me (1732) and Nobrain (1679).. Playing too strong.. What do u think, of the use of software?????????
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5Bouvet  cc13830257352010-06-23 10:33:14
You could be in error, Mr_Error.-

6Europian  Nda_Vie2010-06-23 19:29:13
Basically i agree with ody - was hard to identify who is who in this games. In my view there is no obvious usage of an engine, again in line with ody - particular very unorthodox openings.... On the other hand i need to point out - as my friend Troud did ( ) the policies we have about accusing others. Even if thinkg that Mr_Error is just questioning.... anyway - take care-

7Europian  cc13741628192010-06-24 15:30:32
99% of suspected cheating is just suspecting ... heh heh ... don\'t know if that\'s true, but i suspect so-

8Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR2010-06-25 10:24:06
Ody -- I wrote at the main post that he won me and Nobrain, so its not difficult to check out what colour he played.. TroudTchus -- I didnt accuse anyone of using software, I dont have any proof. I just asked chess community to analyze and tell me their opinion software or not. Everybody can get suspected of smth, but we dont acuse anyone. If u dont understand it or dont analyze please do not flood.. Angelfish -- thanks for ur opinion.-

9Europian  Nda_Vie2010-06-25 11:36:28
@Mr_Error: Thanks for the clarification - that´s exactly how i understod your post and that´s what i pointed out in my post above.-

10Bouvet  cc13830257352010-06-25 11:40:15
I see; you suspect him and now you want the chess community to investigate in order to determine whether or not he should be accused and charged for cheating. I wonder how the powers that be at Chesshere in their infinite wisdom will interpret this rule. I tend to agree with you, suspecting (even suspecting out loud) does not come within the definition of accusing...or does it -

11Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR2010-06-26 06:46:28
thanks 4 ur comments guys, thats what i wanted ))-

12Europian  Nda_Vie2010-06-26 16:42:07
@Troud: Very good question about legal definitions. Mr_Error made it very clever - the chesshere community should judge, even if - due to the forum rules - only the call \"not guilty\" can be allowed as i could see no proof -

13England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2010-06-26 17:28:12
Nobrains opening was poor. By the time white played his 5th move black had only daveloped 2 pawns moves, and 10...d4 was inviting more trouble without placing his bishop on b7 first. Would a comp have played 24.Kb1 and not given back the rook ?-

14New  Moontheloon2010-06-26 23:25:50
I wish I could play that well against a half decent computer, if it was of course.-

15United  SoItGoesChessHere Gold Member2010-06-28 20:58:48
I can say that if he was using a chess engine, there is no way that it was a good one. White could have one the first game one move 5) Nxe5!!... In the second game, there were some very clear errors that weren\'t taken advantage of during Black\'s attack, and white actually put himself in a position where black could equalize, with a pretty straightforward combination... in the third game, you were at least equal before running out of time. After QxP, it\'s at least even. So no, probably three games in which his opponent had winning chances as early as move five would lead me to believe he\'s not using Fritz 11-

16Bulgaria  ody2010-06-28 23:17:40
In fact 5.Bc4 is exactly what a computer would play in this position (and so would i). \"Nxe5!!\" has no way to force a win, in fact the only compensation you will get for that sacrifice is the black king ending up on e2. Even then white has no immediate way to either threaten that king or even take some material back. Sure in the long run, with a correct play and quick development you might be able to exploit that but if you rely on \"correct play and quick development\" why make your life harder and force yourself to pursue compensation when you can play the solid 5.Bc4 instead ? Your other points are too vague to comment on. My assessment, for what it\'s worth is that MR_ERROR\'s opponent didn\'t use a software.-

17Bulgaria  ody2010-06-28 23:26:10
Sorry i meant d7 instead of e2 above -

18Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR2010-06-29 10:05:14
U know, I`ve another point of view: I don`t say that we played played perfectly against him and he won us, we`ve made some mistakes there. The paradox is that there`re a lot of games by him that he playes very unclever and loses to 1381 or 1385 (a lot of 1300s).. You said any good engine would play \"!!\" moves than his, anyone can play himself sometime and use the engine only smtms, when in trouble or a complex situation.. I really dont know if he used any software But I know I can never prove it )) It would be great to make this site as VAC servers in CS -) -> when anybody enters the site he/she must execute a little program (anticheat) that disables any chess engine.. But cheaters can do it with 2nd computer. Does anybody have any idea how to make it 100% safe?-

19Bulgaria  ody2010-06-29 10:35:24
There is no way to make it 100% safe buddy :) We\'ve all learned to live with cheaters. It sucks alright but there is not much we or the administration could do about it. No chess site out there is completely \"cheaters-free\" no matter how their admins choose to advertise it. And you are right ofc, a player could use an engine only for certain moves which makes proving anything pretty much impossible. You keep playing the best moves, and let the cheating lie on the cheaters\' conscience.-

20Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR2010-06-29 10:47:26
U r right ody, but making any anticheat program will decrease all cheaters that have not the 2nd computer )) I think they consist at least 80% of all cheaters.-

21Bouvet  cc13830257352010-06-29 10:48:37
That\'s the curse of being too good at chess; they accuse you of cheating. I have to get myself a better chess engine as mine sucks-

22United  Nick-Syller2010-07-07 18:51:30
Can you guys please look through my game and just pick it apart and give me some advice? I know i missed a good line on my 11th move... instead on Bd4 it should have been Qd4.... Thanks.

23United  Nick-Syller2010-07-07 19:07:25
im black btw-

24Europian  roller2010-07-07 19:55:00
Sorry Nick, I guess that white after 11.. Qd4 would have surprised you with 12.Bc3 winning the game.-

25Bulgaria  ody2010-07-07 21:07:53
My friendly advice for you Nick is to create your own threads, instead of posting in someone else\'s. Especially given your problem has nothing to do with engine usage which is the subject of this particularly discussion. Having your own thread has the added benefit of the others taking your case more seriously with a greater chance to be helped for right now - you are being well off-topic :) Roller, 12.Bc3 is hardly a winning move because of 12...Bxb4 which is downright brutal :)-

26England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2010-07-07 22:22:49
Ooh, that is nasty. Nick I remember you created a decent chess help thread a while ago. Just the place for your post. Back on topic: I`m not quite sure what it is and how ELO is calculated but think it relates to actual performance during a game. Is there software to give a players skill level for a game ? This would show whether someone was playing way above their norm and on the other hand show wether the other player was playing well below their rating.-

27Bouvet  cc13830257352010-07-08 10:38:59
Software or not (software) To be or not to be That is the question-

28Europian  Nda_Vie2010-07-08 12:41:04
ooooh, Troud makes it a poetic thread @Nick-Syller: Your post is completely off-topic!!! Please create your own thread for this!-

29Europian  cc13741628192010-07-08 13:05:02
good question exto (#26) ... it would be GREAT to be able to tap ENTER and establish whether something\'s fishy ... but overall i have gone from being a siht-is-somebody-cheating? bloke to a will-anyone-accept-the-decision-of-the-human-whose-job-is-overseeing-the-anticheat- software? kind of sort ... which isn\'t to say that a tactful word with \'contact us\' isn\'t a good idea when you are quite frankly suspicious -

30Falkland  Ucantgagme2010-07-08 15:31:42
# 28...The Chesshere police on the beat-

31Bouvet  cc13830257352010-07-08 16:19:39
Nda_Vie, is the subject not \"Software OR Not ??\" I thought my subject was right on topic Thank you for correcting me How dare I question Chesshere\'s enforcers infinite wisdom-

32Europian  Nda_Vie2010-07-08 16:57:09
Hey Troud - i did not claim that YOU went off-topic, i love poets I just was telling Nick-Syller that HE was off-topic.-

33Europian  Nda_Vie2010-07-08 16:59:09
@Ucantgagme: Police?? If i wanna play police then i´d have deleted Nick-Syller´s post. I see my part as MOD more to talk to people... maybe this is the wrong way... -

34Bouvet  cc13830257352010-07-08 17:11:17
Nda_Vie; my mistake My apologies I like your approach of dealing with issues-

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