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Player: United  JPB Subject: Common scents

2010-09-27 23:55:04
What are some common scents? What odors would you consider abundant to our earth and frequently enter the nostrils of society\'s members? Remember, there are no dumb answers. Just retarded ones :-D-
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1Canada  cc14226285672010-09-28 00:59:14
I love the smell of napalm in the morning-

2Bouvet  cc13830257352010-09-28 11:32:34
- Here’s my retarded answer: “No scent like consent”-

3Portugal  viriol2010-09-28 22:05:05

4Portugal  viriol2010-09-28 22:05:51
better one: rain-

5Canada  cc14226285672010-09-28 22:29:39
better yet,grass after the rain!-

6Portugal  viriol2010-09-29 07:11:52
The smell of oxygen!-

7Europian  cc13741628192010-09-29 07:14:14
helium is funnier-

8Europian  cc13741628192010-09-29 07:28:15
GROUND CONTROL to INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION ... \'copy that ... err ... that IS helium ... you\'ve only got a few minutes before asphyxiation\' ... you\'d have thought you\'d be serious at a time like that, wouldn\'t you? ...

9England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2010-09-29 20:04:00
A whiff of distant woodsmoke on an autumn day.-

10Portugal  viriol2010-09-29 22:47:42
The smell of crisis...-

11Europian  cc13741628192010-09-30 14:39:04
a rat?-

12Portugal  viriol2010-09-30 22:25:41

13United  JPB2010-09-30 22:37:52
There\'s nothing like the scent of a bacteria infested rest stop bathroom in the morning-

14Canada  cc14226285672010-10-01 00:27:41
gas,the human kind-

15Europian  cc13741628192010-10-01 06:58:10
that just leaves burps, then-

16Bouvet  cc13830257352010-10-01 10:29:49
- De la ouate de phoque-

17United  JPB2010-10-04 22:37:46
they deleted my post about pussy??? Damn dawg, I was talking about my cats xD-

18Canada  cc14226285672010-10-05 00:08:19
I don\'t think so JPB-

19Tanzania  smooth dude2010-10-05 03:31:28

20Bouvet  cc13830257352010-10-05 10:29:15
- If JPB\'s explanation could reasonably be true, you must believe him. -

21Bouvet  cc13830257352010-10-05 10:39:08

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