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Player: Portugal  viriol Subject: Nobel Prizes

2010-10-05 10:49:53
It\'s begun! First Medicine and Physiology with \"in vitro\" fertilization, now Physics with graphene! Don\'t know about you, but I\'m eager to know the rest.-
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1Europian  cc13741628192010-10-06 11:31:28
the one that\'s always interested me is the one for lit -

2Bouvet  cc13830257352010-10-06 11:33:16
- What about a chess Nobel Prize-

3Europian  cc13741628192010-10-06 13:07:42
who would you nominate, troud? ... btw viriol can you remind us what graphene is please? -

4Bouvet  cc13830257352010-10-06 13:29:14
- I do not qualify to be on the nominating committee. I suck at chess. -

5Canada  cc14226285672010-10-06 16:30:46

6England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2010-10-06 17:03:22
I`d never heard of graphene, so, ( apologies angelfish ) -

7England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2010-10-06 21:05:51
I just heard a Japanese man on the radio saying that by the 2016 olympics you will be able to watch holographic live coverage of the games at a stadium anywhere in the world via a flatbed screen the size of the playing area of the stadium. -

8Bouvet  Harry Pillsbury2010-10-06 22:38:54
I think Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize was the icing on the cake last year. America was, and still is, massacring people in Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of democracy while this man stands on a pedestal for promoting peace and equality. The world we\'re living in is worse than Orwell\'s \"1984\" because George\'s book was a fictional novel. We\'re living the nightmare here and now. War is peace.-

9Canada  cc14226285672010-10-07 06:40:28
I think they should give the nobel prize for rubbish to you Harry.Because your full of it.How many times do you have to be told there is no political debate before you figure it out.-

10Bouvet  cc13830257352010-10-07 09:30:55
- Just discussing the Nobel Prize or any subject for that matter touches on the political. - There is not much left to discuss in these forums, now is there -

11Bouvet  cc13830257352010-10-07 10:20:35
...or may touch on religion, may or may not be related to the subject, or may constitute nonsense to some...-

12Bouvet  cc13830257352010-10-07 10:55:13
- Time to dust off Ray Duke\'s apolitical topics -It\'s a nice day and all is well here in New York.-

13Bouvet  cc13830257352010-10-07 10:56:10

14Burkina  BanmeIcomback2010-10-07 11:21:33
Anyone or anything would be an improvement over that moron Goerge W. Bush-

15Burkina  BanmeIcomback2010-10-07 11:25:43
And what about these drones flying in Pakistan near the Afghanistan border Scary I think it qualifies for a Nobel Peace Prize, don\'t you think-

16Europian  cc13741628192010-10-07 12:55:27
@ BanmeIcomback ... lol i remember getting a warning once for saying obama\'s election was great news from humankind in general, unless you are getting married somewhere really really remote in afghanistan ... in which case you can expect to be blown up by one of his drones ... but fair play to mr o, he did acknowledge when accepting the prize that he had only been in office a day or two so had no legit claim to it-

17Europian  cc13741628192010-10-07 14:59:28
it\'s peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa ! ...

18Portugal  viriol2010-10-07 19:12:17
He [Vargas] said he thought it was a joke at first. To put it bluntly, graphene is a form of carbon which is practically bidimensional, as it is only one-atom thin. It is a promising material in electronics (the world\'s fastest transistor is graphene-based). By the way, I found out three Portuguese Physicists (including a teacher of mine) were mentioned by the Academy in regards to their important cooperation work with Geim and Novoselov in that field! I feel proud!-

19Europian  cc13741628192010-10-07 19:38:24
lol ... looks like you have something to aspire to ... so this graphene can really be folded up, worn as a wrist band and stuff like that? ... i wonder if the internet will ever go green?-

20Portugal  viriol2010-10-08 23:13:57
Nobel Peace Prize has also been decided. I cannot pronounce his name, and I won\'t discuss this topic because of this site\'s policy. I\'ll just state I stand by most of what has been said in the West.-

21Bouvet  cc13830257352010-10-08 23:18:14
- It\'s ok, it won\'t get past the Chinese borders. -

22Bouvet  cc13830257352010-10-08 23:28:18
- CHINA\'S MOST famous dissident, the imprisoned pro-democracy activist Liu Xiaobo, is this year\'s winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.-

23Europian  cc13741628192010-10-09 00:56:41
heh heh ... dissident?? ... quote a govt source, \'giving the prize to a criminal will seriously damage norway\'s relations with china\'-

24Portugal  viriol2010-10-09 10:37:19
I heard that in China there was one less Nobel Prize laureate this year.-

25Bouvet  cc13830257352010-10-09 11:02:44
- I heard that they are going to hold a free vote in China as to whether or not Liu Xiaobo deserves that Nobel Prize.-

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