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Player: Canada  cc1422628567 Subject: Tradgedy

2010-10-13 21:34:55
There are no atheists at the Chilean mining disaster today!-
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1Tanzania  smooth dude2010-10-14 02:49:33
That\'s good! If there are, they should proceed farther directly to the core of this earth.-

2Canada  HenriDeToi2010-10-14 11:17:15

3International  Marum2010-10-28 16:18:53
I have another problem. I taught my dog to play chess. He is hopeless. I can give him a Queen and bishop start, and win every time. However, he has developed another strategy. Whenever i put him in check, he leans over the board and swallows my piece. I am fast running out of money to buy new chess pieces. What should I do? Meow meow......Marum.-

4Europian  cc13741628192010-11-04 05:28:22
get your dog to join chesshere?-

5Bouvet  cc13830257352010-11-04 11:44:10
- And get a touch screen computer. Don\'t make him play against a pig; it might shatter his confidence. The pig will beat him all the time. They did an experiment and the pig was found to be smarter than the dog and would beat the dog all the time when it comes to the higher IQ.-

6United  Sid_Campeador2010-12-25 17:37:45
Well, my friends, I thought religion was not allowed here. But since it apparently is, I\'ll tell you my favorite jokes about Godot. Luis Bunuel: Thank God, I\'m still an atheist. And Voltaire: If God didn\'t exist, we would be forced to invent it.-

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