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Player: Ukraine  Coder13 Subject: What is mean green bubble after my name?

2010-11-07 08:20:25
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1Bouvet  cc13830257352010-11-07 12:04:23
- It is supposed to show that you\'re online. But it disappears after a while even if you stay online. It does not mean you’re Irish.-

2United  JPB2013-04-29 17:52:07
I will now bogart this thread with my rant, seeing as I cannot create a new topic because I don\'t have surplus money to give to this website. So here is my re-direction:
Is it just me, or does anyone else run into the issue that when you want to play a tournament that isn\'t just.... MOVE-MOVE-MOVE-DON\'T THINK-JUST MOVE... the tournament simply isn\'t there? 5 minute games are fine for me. 3 minute games... really only if I\'m in the mood and have nothing else to distract me for the next 5 minutes. But why, LORD WHY ARE THERE ONLY ONE AND TWO MINUTE TOURNAMENTS EVER AVAILABLE??? (or so it seems about 90% of the time). Granted I\'m an unpaid member -heaven forbid I play chess and be broke- and can only play a tourney every 2 or 3 days (or whatever the criteria is), but sometimes I\'ll be online for an hour or two and during that time I will check in on a real-time chess page entirely void of any tournament I\'m willing to play.

3United  JPB2013-04-29 19:14:13
sorry! You can\'t have more than 12 concurrent games at the same time. Oh yeah? Well YOU can\'t have more than 2 redundant clauses or words in the same sentence! HAH!-

4United  cc14928133342013-04-29 23:27:11
I think the 12 game thing is for CC games. Please see the site rules for RT rules. Thank you.-

5United  JPB2013-04-30 00:45:51
Oh... yeah that didn\'t have anything to do with my first post. I was just talking about the sentence structure involved.-

6United  cc1422628580ChessHere Moderator2013-05-01 03:31:03

In cases like this, we would prefer you to post in the \"Miscellaneous Posts\" thread, designated specifically for posts that don\'t have a category or for non-premium members that wish to post something.


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