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Player: United  JPB Subject: Some of the adds on here are misleading

2010-11-10 22:05:18
Such as \"being a teen can suck\". When I was a teenager I destroyed a Mercedes Benz engine, dropped acid, got 2 DUI\'s, spent a total of between 2 and 3 months in jail, succesfully ran from the police on foot several times, pulled a decent income, and constantly had girls chasing me. ARE YOU KIDDING??? I wanna be a teen again-
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1United  JPB2010-11-13 22:32:01
same diff. haha-

2Canada  cc14226285672010-11-15 21:49:26
I had no idea I could have such an effect on people that I could influence their dreams.Here is something that will take your mind off of Wayne Rooney and back on the more important things in life.I always have a box of kleenex close by when I view stuff like this.You may want to as well as I know you are a dog lover.

3United  JPB2010-11-16 22:36:01
It\'s called lucid dreaming when you\'re in a dream but you know it, and sometimes you can even control part of the dream. I haven\'t really been able to do it since I was a child... haven\'t really tried too hard I guess. Sometimes I can get back to a dream I was having if I don\'t stay awake for too long, unless it\'s a recurring dream. those pretty much suck-

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