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Player: United  notlesu Subject: Charlie Chan

2011-01-15 10:27:12
I was scanning the movies at Netflix tonight and came across Charlie Chan---\"The Chinese Cat.\" The movie begins when a chess master, Thomas Manning, is found shot to death and clutching chess pieces in his hands. Who\'s responsible for this fatal checkmate? The master was studying chess with a chess book in his hand and a chessboard on his desk. The murderer sneaks in and shoots him and then quickly leaves. Before the chessmaster dies he removes all the pieces from the board except a Bishop. This is the clue Charlie Chan needs to solve the murder. There were the usual suspects---a guy named Jones, a guy named Smith and a guy named Deacon. Are we having fun yet? Have you solved it yet? Are you ready to receive your Dick Tracy detective badge??-
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1Europian  cc13741628192011-01-15 14:00:38
Actually he was planning for a World championship match against Botvinnik in a hotel room in Estoril, Portugal. The circumstances of his death are still a matter of debate. It is usually attributed to a heart attack, but a letter in Chess Life magazine from a witness to the autopsy stated that choking on meat was the actual cause of death. Some have speculated that he was murdered by a French \"Death Squad\". A few years later, his son said that \"the hand of Moscow reached his father\". Canadian Grandmaster Kevin Spraggett, who has lived in Portugal since the late 1980s, and who has thoroughly investigated the death, favors this possibility. Spraggett makes a case for the manipulation of the crime scene and the autopsy by the Portuguese secret police. He believes that the great master did not die slumped over a chessboard, as widely believed, but was murdered outside his hotel room, probably by the Soviets.-

2England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2011-01-15 16:12:41
Manning was a keen cyclist and had taken delivery of the latest drop-handled touring model. Unfortunately on his first outing he was involved in a downhill collision with a brick wall. He suffered minor scuffs and a few bruises but the cycle was beyond repair. He threw it in the river. He went back to the store where he`d bought the cycle on hire purchace, told the owner that the brakes had failed, causing the accident, and would not pay a penny more because he was lucky to have escaped serious injury, and walked out. The owner of the store was no mug. Manning was a known big drinker and stank of it. The store owner knew Manning was well off and decided to get his money ( plus something for his trouble ) by gaining entry to Mannings home that night. Thats what he did, put a couple of caps in the old boy and had it away with the old skinflints booty. Job done. Charlie Chan laughed out loud when after 6 weeks he cracked it. `handlebars` Harry Smith fried in the the chair for the murder of Manning. The BI(ke) SHOP did for him.-

3United  notlesu2011-01-15 17:25:05
Badges? We dont need no stinkin badges! Not only did we solve the Charlie Chan case---we solved the Alekhine case as well. There is only one thing I dont understand---Russia was 100% behind the Alekhine-Botvinnik match that was being arranged at the time of Alekhine\'s death. Chess in Russia was like baseball to Americans. Botvinnik would have won easily. The championship would have been Russia\'s in 46\'. Why would Russia kill him? Because of Alekhine\'s death they had to wait two years and go through that controversial championship tournament that nobody thought was on the up and up. In the Charlie Chan case---what did the lone Bishop on the board represent? Bishop=officer of the church. One of the suspects was a guy named Deacon. Deacon=officer of the church. I\'m a private eye and I\'m available 24 hrs a day. My going rate is 50 dollars a day plus expenses. My calling card reads---HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL!-

4Europian  cc13741628192011-01-15 18:17:36
heh heh ... there\'s no such thing as a perfect murder-

5United  notlesu2011-01-16 02:03:55
I take it you are not familiar with the Julia Wallace murder case. It was called the trial of the century and chess was right in the middle of it. I believe it was 1931 Liverpool, England. To this very day curiosity seekers are seen strolling by the Wallaces home---but its not because of the Wallaces. It\'s to see John Lennon\'s Aunt MImi\'s home---which is close by.

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