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Player: Canada  snowowl Subject: burr it\'s so cold out........

2011-01-20 04:36:21
came downstairs this morning and the weather man is saying a warning is in place, for the next little while, cold and quite a bit of snow expected with high winds. my lovely wife is looking through the window, with a pensive look on her face, ...what a cute expression, she looks great as usual. time to grab a hot chocolate, and head to the lazy boy chair with newspaper on lap, i\'m thinking. after a while time to head back to the kitchen and now the better half is looking through the window by the kitchen table, i guess time to make a coffee for her and i, dude on CNN, say\'s winter weather warning until, mid march or so, (whew) sure glad we don\'t have to travel anywhere, car look\'s comfortable, all swathed in fresh cold snow.. my lovely wife is now whispering sweet nothing\'s and her ??? middle finger is pointing to the sky, i guess must be time to make her a hot coffee, and throw another log or two on the fire, i wonder if it\'s time to maybe open the door and let her back in...
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5Australia  ZahnarztChessHere Silver Member2011-06-15 10:36:12
may be \'should i???\\\' had too much sex, politics and religion. I can relate to your next comment