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Player: United  bluebluegreen Subject: Good Game nice finish

2011-02-06 04:34:01
I was black. Sometimes when there is a good move its better to wait and find an even greater move. My last move was sooo evil , he just froze for five minutes before resigning. Enjoy the game!
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1Canada  snowowl2011-02-07 06:52:55
rook to c4, seems to do it for white..-

2England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2011-02-07 14:09:11
I think blacks plan is 24....Qb2 25....Rh2. Fiendish. Also Rh5. I would have tried an f or g pawn move.-

3United  RiverTam2011-02-07 16:00:08
Nice ending, but extopian is on to something...only a move earlier. 23...Qb2 destroys white. Well done!-

4United  bluebluegreen2011-02-09 04:47:27
Im glad someone mentioned Qb2! That was the good move I was speaking to in the original post. However Rd5 stamps out any sort of counter play while still keeping the threat of Qb2 (now he would lose both the Q and N for the R) and on top of it threatens Rh5. Before he is losing material, but after Rd5 he cant stop mate in the immediate future even after giving up the material. There just isnt anything useful white can do to hang on now. It puts the cap on the game. Totally evile!-

5Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR2011-06-19 13:57:01
Well done. 23...Qb2 was enough, I`m sure there`s no any kind of counter-attack. What was the time control in this game?-

6Philippines  bigzter122011-06-30 22:32:04
yup Qb2 does it but white could still force the game to a time out since its a blitz game. Correct me if i\'m wrong.-

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