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Player: United  LemmaChessHere Gold Member Subject: How are team ELO ratings calculated?

2011-02-12 00:21:51
1) New team rating = ? 2) ELO for team is based on average team ratings (in the match? overall?) and then W-L % as if a single pair of players with those ratings had played all games? Something else? Thanks!-
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1United  RiverTam2011-02-12 19:02:46
This question pops up every year or so...and no one seems to know the answer. I spent quite a bit of time last year trying to crunch some numbers and got nowhere. For instance, sometimes a victory over a team rated 200 lower was worth 7 points, sometimes it was more like 12 points. I do not know if it has to do with individual players or how decisive the victory was or ???. If anyone knows the answer, I would love to hear it.-

2Germany  generals0072011-02-13 03:55:43
I have the same question and would love it to be answered ;) Even if not anwered I think we can come to the conclusion that winning is good :P Greetings, gen-

3England  cc1422628553ChessHere Moderator2011-11-28 22:57:51
Found a free (15 day trial) fide-elo converter at Team results must be crunched into similar. They`ve marked me down 50. -