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Player: Europian  Nda_Vie Subject: Back to life - sorry to my opponents

2011-03-06 13:24:21
Firstly i have to excuse myself to all my opponents in CC games/tournaments. After being involved in a horrible accident in January i had to spend a lot of time in hospital and finally for recovery - almost without being able to continue my games at Now i am back - hopefully with around 100 percent and will try to play as fast as possible.-
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1United  David GardnerChessHere Gold Member2011-03-06 16:05:22
Glad to hear you are recovering. And, welcome back!-

2United  LemmaChessHere Gold Member2011-03-06 16:40:52
Yes, welcome back. I hope chess distracts you just a bit from the burdens of your long-term recovery. Best of luck!-

3Saudi  ANZARBONDChessHere Gold Member2011-03-06 18:18:36
Welcome back Nda_Vie I pray to God for your fasten recovery.Your team is waiting for you with best compliments and regards Anzar-

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