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Player: United  ejroyal Subject: The All Stars - Looking for new players!

2011-04-22 19:17:22
Since becoming the new captain of the team and removing inactive members from the team, I am calling for new members. Anyone is welcome to join as long as you commit to playing regularly. It is a commitment to the other players as well when you join a team. So come on, let\'s have some fun-filled, challenging matches! ~Eric
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6Saudi  ANZARBOND2011-04-25 19:27:34
Hello ,Greeting from Saudi Arabi. I really appreciate and congrate to you for taking all good responsibility of building a team. I give you my best regards and best wishes for getting good players in the team good lick Anzar Bond.

7United  ejroyal2011-09-02 16:58:29
In updating the team status I would say that we have a solid team. We have gone through a very tough stretch the past couple of weeks but I am confident that all will turn out well in the near future. The All Stars are still seeking out and accepting new members. Message me if you are interested in joining our team! You can visit our site in the team section of correspondence chess. ~Eric

8United  ejroyal2013-11-01 16:18:33
The All Stars continue to accept new players, of all ratings.

9United  ejroyal2014-08-29 02:17:46
I just want to congratulate my team mates for a concerted effort! We have attained first place in rating after a long absence.

I am still open to accepting new players of all rating levels. If you know of anyone who might be interested in team match play pass along an invitation to them. Thanks for all of your hard work.


10Canada  dsuttles2014-08-30 09:03:47
May you be for ever one.

11United  ejroyal2015-06-02 16:26:02
The All Stars continue to invite, and accept, new members. Players from all nationalities are welcome!

12United  JPB2015-06-26 09:30:08
Team update! We are currently holding 3rd place in rating, only 9 points away from the current number one team. Hopefully we can soon make off with that #1 spot and secure it for a while :)

13Canada  dsuttles2015-06-27 17:29:11
i envy you guys

14United  JPB2015-06-27 20:41:36
And we are currently tied for 1st in teams at a rating of 1425 :-) Our diligence and determination has paid off. Now let\'s see just how high we can get... rating-wise, of course xD

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