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Player: Sweden  mattafort Subject: 1 day per 6 players tournament

2006-08-07 15:07:16
you are welcome!

I started a 'Quick' tournament.
1 day per move and 6 players (gives you max 10 new games)

Open to Join.
Rating: 1501 - 2000

I call this Rapid Tournament:

'10 New Games'

/mattafort Tournament Organizer in topclass

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1Sweden  mattafort2006-08-07 15:58:35

as you wish

as nobody joined
I cancelled my tournament

you had your chance, but you didnt take it ..


2Poland  NebAnphu2006-08-07 17:26:49
Wow mattafort - you're veeeeery patient Almost ONE HOUR waiting for other participants - I'm impressed -

3Sweden  mattafort2006-08-07 19:33:33

well, you are right
why wait 1 hour for 5 other players to join

15 minutes would be quite enough for them
to join a good mattafort tournament

4Cyprus  Ellada2006-08-08 09:49:12
Where is your tournament mattafort?-

5Sweden  mattafort2006-08-08 10:19:37
see my second post:
I cancelled = deleted tournament

I might make a new, later.

6Cyprus  Ellada2006-08-08 10:24:33
of course i saw your second post,i intended scare you:-)-

7Cyprus  Ellada2006-08-08 10:28:26
I started a new,quick III,i will not cancel it:-)-

8Cyprus  Ellada2006-08-08 10:46:10
3 quick tournaments instead of one!
the brave is first who joins!

9Sweden  mattafort2006-08-08 11:08:54
Be careful Ellada!
I might join one of your tournaments ... and win!

My record in chesshere tournaments

Won 21 tournaments !!! ..... ( of total 30 joined and finished )

My Medal tournaments:
Entered 16 tournaments with 6 players or more.
Won 10 of them and so got 10 medals.

mattafort - best tournament player ever around here
playing for the glory of his land Sweden

10Poland  NebAnphu2006-08-08 11:19:07
"mattafort - best tournament player ever around here"??? Good joke -

11Sweden  mattafort2006-08-08 11:20:28
Among my own organized tournaments
I can tell I organized this, which was finshed in April this year:

1.e4 g6 =Robatsch We play Quick! 1 days per move.
So I have been there already, and won.

1. mattafort (1684) 9 1 0 9
2. masita47 (1467) 8 2 0 8

Download and study these Robatsch games:
30 games of which mattafort plays 5 white and 5 black
and shows you how to play 1.e4 g6 games.

mattafort - knows something about quite many openings

12Syria  Banias2006-08-08 17:00:42
You are so humble man Mattafort..i like this thing in you.-

13Sweden  mattafort2006-08-08 17:15:07
humble or not
I hope somebody get a
.... good laugh .... LOL = Laugh Out Loud!

... anyway, mattafort 21 won tournaments, is not too bad!
And a total of 244.0 tournament points
puts him only 2100.5 points behind 'perskak'
perskak from Denmark = 2344.5 tournament points

mattafort - creeping up behind perskak in his results!


14Syria  Banias2006-08-08 17:23:57
i don`t like the tournament points system..just because Perskak plays so many games he gets the first place.
the points system must contain minuses.

15Cyprus  Ellada2006-08-08 21:58:35
I often do not win tournaments organized by me,but by the players,when i join some tournament i know some participants,but when i organize open tournament,i do not know who will join it.

about you mattafort in comparison with perskak and others,it should be compared relatively,since what time you and he were members,i am member since 7th of November 2005 and have done about 11400 moves,i think this is not easy.


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