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Player: Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR Subject: 1 call and all game went wrong...

2011-06-17 09:07:13
Instead of 25...Qe1 did an idiotic move and resigned later. I`m black, 30/5 RTC
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1Saudi  fayyaz2011-06-17 09:31:46
Good game.-

2Europian  UndeterminedChessHere Silver Member2011-06-18 03:55:11
really nice game. 25...Qe1 is a forced mate. one question. 27...Rg2+, why not Nxg2?-

3Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR2011-06-18 14:34:21
I think he blundered there :)-

4Wales  allewyn2011-07-02 00:30:40
Don\'t ya hate when that happens?-

5Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR2011-09-07 11:04:39
Its obvious when that happens.. Mostly bcoz time lack-

6China  cooljojo2011-09-07 19:26:44
wait but how does it force mate? it forces loss of material. see:1.qxe1 rxe1 2.rxe1 kc2 3.rg2+ nd2 4.rxd2 qxd2 5.bxd2 rxe1 6.bxe1 and white is losing by a bishop.-

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