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Player: Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR Subject: InterestinG Game :)

2011-06-19 13:34:37
Instead of 42.c4 I could do better 42.Ng6 move .. I wonder if there were mistakes by white till 42th move. Thx everybody in advance
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1Europian  cc13741628192011-06-19 14:32:55
62. ... Kc6-

2Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR2011-06-20 18:11:51
:) thx angelfish, the 62th move was meaningless bcoz his time was almost over, thus I changed my queen to the rook a bit earlier. And here`s another great game I have just resigned at the 45th move :) I played against player with 1789 rating, so I decided to block the game and make a draw. Everything was ok until I made an unforgiveable mistake at 34...Red8, but then I realized I should do 34...Rad8 .. What do u think - if not this mistake then would it be a draw?

3Europian  cc13741628192011-06-20 19:46:20
what time control? ... wouldn\'t it be decided by the clock? ... 25 Ne5 is nasty because you lose a bishop unless you block your back row with with 25. ...Be8 ... but of the other options, taking with your fianchettoed bishop would have been my last choice, since that h-pawn against a weakened kingside was always going to be nasty, whereas the light bishop was \'bad\' ... after 35. ... hxg6 why didn\'t you contest the open h file with 37. ...Kg7, 38. ...Rh8, with attacking chances? ... either way, playing for a positional draw at move 38 is a bit of a stretch, especially against a strong player -

4Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR2011-06-23 17:08:03
both games were 30/5 TC, and I guess u are right 37...Kg7 and 38...Rh8 were better moves-

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