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Player: Australia  Zahnarzt Subject: 3 Positions

2011-06-25 05:20:29
I would like to share 3 positions with anyone interested, just for fun. The first position is a composed problem, a simple mate in 2 with White to move as usual. Not too hard.
1B4b1/4RP2/1K3P2/1PpkpN2/2r3r1/Q2Pbn2/2n3N1/q3RB2 w

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22Australia  Zahnarzt2011-06-25 07:19:09
If you’re not in this position it’s the wrong one.

23Australia  Zahnarzt2011-06-25 09:17:51
OK, I could have worded the opening sentence better I hope it doesn\'t put off the sharp lady solvers.

24Australia  Zahnarzt2011-06-25 22:53:55
No good. 1.dxc4+ Rxc4 and there\'s no mate.

25Australia  Zahnarzt2011-06-28 12:41:36
Nice to hear from you cooljojo. If 1.Nd4 and is Black captures it, followed by the rook going to d7, the Black King escapes to e6 regardless of which piece does the capturing. Don\'t forget which way White\'s pawns are advancing. With the knight gone, e6 would no longer be covered.

26Australia  Zahnarzt2011-06-28 12:43:10
Sorry, \"If 1.Nd4 and Black captures it...\"

27Australia  Zahnarzt2011-06-28 12:55:51
The bishop can take the Nd4 covering e5 and still allowing Ke6.

28Australia  Zahnarzt2011-06-28 12:57:34
Also the Nf3 covers e5. Gets rather complicated doesn\'t it?

29Australia  Zahnarzt2011-06-28 13:05:51
Would you like to jot down your variations eg 1.Nd4 Bxd4 2.xxx# etc so we know which moves you are discussing?

30Australia  Zahnarzt2011-06-28 13:43:38
Yes, you\'re making hard work of it cooljojo, but I bet you\'re the smartest student in your class If not you will be tomorrow Some of your variations are \"cooked\" as the problemists say. They are faulty. For example Variation 5 1.Nd4 Rcxd4 2.Rxe5 Nxe5. You\'ve chosen to play the hardest move on the board There are 9 Black pieces that can take the Nd4. Or Black may not take on d4. You ought to sort all the possibilities out properly I bet that will be tiring.

31Australia  Zahnarzt2011-06-28 23:40:06
White has 48 possible moves in the initial position. I\'ll give you slow coaches 47 tries before I give the solution. Lucky it\'s just an easy problem. White moves, Black moves and White checkmates. How hard can that be?

32Australia  Zahnarzt2011-06-29 23:34:55
Nobody is trying anything. Are you too busy playing your games or have you all swapped back to read the Team Otpisani forum now?

33Australia  Zahnarzt2011-06-30 15:16:17
Great! One of the sharp lady solvers has shown up! Welcome to this forum Maria20. Umm are you saying 1.dxc4+ Rxc4 2.Bxc4+ Kxc4 3.fxg8(=Q)# True, a mate in three, but White must mate with his second move

34Australia  Zahnarzt2011-06-30 15:25:29
A chess problem composer wants to illustrate certain aesthetic themes. Usually somethng surprising and unexpected. He may not be at all interested in the relevence to practical play, but wants to trick you into thinking his bizarre position has no solution within the number of moves stipulated. And then he surprises you.

35Australia  Zahnarzt2011-07-04 11:42:52
Exactly right exto on both move and comment. However the Oscar goes to our young buddy COOLJOJO who hit upon the key move immediately, misconstrued things a little at first but then teased out some of the variations very nicely while the rest of you were still scratching your heads. Must have been his peanuts. Hardened problem solvers would get this one right away because they’d see the attempt to make the d4 square look unappetising. The pleasure of the problem is the number and variety of mating themes that the composer has devised. Briefly, working clockwise from the BK, after 1.Nd4 these are the variations – 1... Kxd4 2.Rd7#; 1... exd4 2.dxc4#; 1... Rgxd4 2.fxg8(=Q or B)#; 1... Nfxd4 2.Rxe5#; 1... Bxd4 2.dxc4#; 1... Ncxd4 2.Nxe3#; 1... Qxd4 2.Qa8#; 1... Rcxd4 2.Qxc5#; 1... cxd4 2.Qd6# and, as exto pointed out, attempts that ignore the key threat such as 1.QxQ or 1.NxQ fail to 2.Rd7#

36Australia  Zahnarzt2011-07-04 11:44:07
This problem I put before you as a bit of a mind expander to help you with my second, harder position, a position from master play. I’ll put it on a new thread.

37Australia  Zahnarzt2011-07-04 14:30:12
I had to ask cooljojo to stop posting on this problem a long time ago so you guys could catch up I bet he\'s been laughing ever since too.

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