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Player: Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR Subject: 1439 rating player has just won 1582 and 1599 rating players in tourney.

2011-06-26 20:04:14
Do u know why I post this? It was 15min tourney and a low-rated player made professional moves and won us, but the interesting fact is that every move was done within 2-3 seconds. Do u think the same? He played with BLACK... Nickname ra06
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1Greece  Ghosty Square2011-06-26 21:25:05
A quick look suggests that white played very crudely and badly. He deserved to get smashed.-

2United  cc14928133342011-06-27 14:22:18
I concur with Mr.Square-

3Netherlands  tilburg18962011-06-28 00:11:34
me too. i am a 1700 player and lost some 3 minutes games against 1400 players (and won some against 2000 players). that is how it goes. Besides is 1439 so much worse than 1582? Below let\'s say 2250 we are all very moderate players.Allthough some think they are really good-

4Australia  wildies2011-06-28 04:33:22
Just because he/she was rated 1439 at the time means little could have been rated 1600+ previously and shaved points or had a losing streak and was down on form. I always check my opponents highest previous rating on their member page! White also played poorly!-

5China  cooljojo2011-06-28 12:09:14
White played horribly and should have lost anyway. What if that player was new and just won a few games?-

6China  cooljojo2011-06-28 12:14:06
Actually I just checked and it said he became a member at 6/4/11 and only played 13 games and won 10 of them.I win 60 percent of my games and he wins 75. I am a 1650 so i think he probably can become a 1750 if he plays some more games-

7United  cc1422628594ChessHere Gold Member2012-08-19 07:09:26
Mr Error I\'ve seen a lot of games and am a professioanl at computer busting. I went over your game and I have to admit that you didn\'t lose because your opponent was using a computer program for assistance... You lost the game because you played horrible, weak moves. Don-

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