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Player: Australia  Zahnarzt Subject: Last Position

2011-07-07 12:39:02
Here’s my last position for you. I’m not a fan of 3 move composed positions generally because they’re too hard. Tricky to compose too, perhaps taking hundreds of hours. However the history of this position is extraordinary and it’s worth persevering with the problem. In the March 1983 edition of Shakhmatny, inconspicuously appearing as No 23 of the “originals “ section this postion was posted:
1q5R/P2N4/5p2/2p2p2/2Pk1b1n/6P1/PNpP1P1K/BQ3R1B w

White mates in 3. See what you can make of it.
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110Australia  Zahnarzt2011-07-09 07:29:37
Hi guys, great to see you both tackling this one. I hate to tell you, but you\'ve got the wrong first move this time. wiggle2 I think they removed the \"Who doesn\'t like a gambit\" forum because I broke it. Now I can\'t remember your position exactly. Can you tell me where the pieces are and I\'ll put it up again?

111Australia  Zahnarzt2011-07-09 07:36:32
While I\'m writing this there\'s twenty black cockatoos outside my window eating all of my macadamia nuts on the trees