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Player: United  cc1492813334 Subject: According to The Joys of Chess...

2011-07-07 13:04:44
the most over-rated move in chess history is 23...Qg3 in Levitsky v. Marshall (Breslau 1912) I don\'t totally disagree. Thoughts?
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4Australia  Zahnarzt2011-07-07 15:15:22
Recently I\'ve been rather partial to situations where one player exposes a piece to multiple attacks. To be the first to play a move like 23... Qg3 indicates a searching and creative mind, but there are other fine combinational motives which impress me more - Alekhine\'s Block, Combination Cross, Mitrofanov\'s Deflection.

5United  cc14928133342011-07-07 20:53:20
It\'s on pages 181-2

6Romania  Bodo3002011-07-19 15:04:33
cool move