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Player: Sweden  BlackdaffodilChessHere Silver Member Subject: Funny ending...

2011-08-02 13:35:48
He could just swtiched queens and won the game... but no..
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1Sweden  BlackdaffodilChessHere Silver Member2011-08-02 13:36:26
i play black.-

2United  RiverTam2011-08-02 15:32:29
29 Ra8+ forces Qxa8, 30. Qxc7#-

3United  Cygni2011-08-03 00:32:36
6.b4 was definitely not the best move in that position. It\'s best to play 6.d4 to open up the centre and that\'d be more to white\'s advantage. If anything, that was what cost white the game.-

4Azerbaijan  Mr_ERROR2011-09-10 10:44:48
RiverTam Has solved this position, 29.Rxb4 wins the game also, but a bit later.. Besides previous bad moves are 6.b4, 8.b5, 8...Nce7, 10.Bxa6 - from this point black had positional advantage that allowed for 100% win, but they played wrong.-

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