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Player: Saudi  fayyaz Subject: Team Peace Needs Good Chess Players

2011-08-17 18:41:49
Hello , all members,Team Peace needs good chess players for the team growth and development.Today team Peace passes throw the bad phases.I am going to rebuild the team Peace.Team Peace is a one of the oldest team on apeal to all good chess players please joined team Peace.-
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1Saudi  fayyaz2011-08-29 23:53:10
It is nice to talk with you all.-

2Japan  Tarvaa2011-08-30 03:38:28
hello, fayyaz. and thanks for the invite. i am not really into teams at the moment...i lose enough games already. but i do hopeyou find some players soon-

3Saudi  fayyaz2011-09-01 16:14:51
Yes, tarvaa our team really at the movement in a bad shape;But i hope we find soon good player and team comes on winning trake.-

4Saudi  ANZARBONDChessHere Gold Member2011-09-03 19:04:39
My all best wishes to you and your team.-

5Saudi  fayyaz2011-09-04 04:40:03
Thanks Anzar.-

6Saudi  fayyaz2011-10-08 11:22:11
Our team Peace passes throw a rough phase needs good players to come from the deep water of the problum.-

7India  kishann20102012-08-27 10:41:51
i would lve to join.....i never lose game games on time.........i am quite regular..........and would like to join you guys........thanks-

8Saudi  ANZARBONDChessHere Gold Member2012-08-28 08:15:05
Mona Eltahawy .........First time listen this name.-

9Saudi  fayyaz2013-08-20 17:52:31
Our team Peace badly need good players.-

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